Sunday, August 8, 2010

Found This before Depart to Singapore

就是離別過 就是懷念過 便清楚愛怎出錯
便清楚你真的愛我 但往日我很傻

就是常做錯 就是求自我 未珍惜身邊一個
在此生再不想錯過 從年月裡 能全部看清楚

由始至終 只有你一位 難以代替 愛得多仔細
靜看著對方無言語 仍然是覺安慰
明天世間 怎去作估計 和你默契 愛一生一世
是你令人生能完美 誰人及你 等於我一切

Friday, December 25, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fresh milk & yogurt

A thought of sharing comes into mind straight after I finished a cup of fresh milk which I get it from my refrigerator. Fresh milk is fresh milk as how it is known to be. The same applied to yogurt. To be more specific, yogurt is a product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk, retrieved from wikipedia.

Nothing much I would like to say bout fresh milk and yogurt rather than the way we new generation might perceive them to be. To undergo fermentation it simply means, the milk is no longer "new" or "fresh". Guess most of you might agree with me.

If there is an opportunity you are attending a gathering of any sort and you noticed a guy bringing along an elder partner. Sarcastic way of speaking by bringing fresh milk and yogurt into your informal conversation may sounds like "Dude, you prefer yogurt than fresh milk are you?".

Have great day ahead after reading this. Stalking is not allowed, but no action will be taken if you stalk because you live your way.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Good Bye

Every start comes with an end.
Thanks for all the supports &
Cherish the fun time we had all these while.
It is time to mark a full stop here.
Good bye everyone &
All the best!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bye Bye

Hey, I'd think about it already, I think our relationship end here. I just can't stand it anymore. Eventhough when we are together, we had fun but now only I know that you are just fooling me!!! I'd spent my money and time on you but you never even bother and appreciate it! Hence you destroy my life and hurt my feelings INCLUDING my left lung! I hope you can accept this fact. Our Relationship stop here.

Good bye...... my CIGARETTE...

Alright, it is time to say good bye to my dear cigarette and worries from my dear friend.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

六弄 Coffee Bean

Sound weird with my title? Yeap, I feel the same way too! This is a book I read recently 六弄咖啡館 by 藤井樹.

Never expect this is a sad ending love novel with an irrelevant title. Kind of sad and surprise toward the end of the story. Well, a nice book for those who never read love story novel. It reflect some little things that some of us did when we were still young.

Not recommended for all time love novel readers. I am sure you will not get what you expect from this book. Targeting on "Winnie The Pooh" series. They will be on my hands when the situation and feeling is right.

Before I forget, there is a condition for anyone anticipating. Mandarin is a must, haHaHAhA...

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Why there are people that make themselves so suffer with some psychological tests. Yes, those psychological test might reveal something in you that you will never thought of and it may make you feel better or feel worse. In the worst case, there is a question for you "Is it so worthy to let something bad you get from a test to bother you so much?"

If you are born with bad tempered parents, you still have the option to try to change them, to ignore them or to abandon them. In most of the case, you will Ҳ choose to abandon them due to morality value we have with us. Then, it should be easy now, choose the remaining option and try to work it out. Since we are Ҳ going for the worst case as our heart and mind do Ҳ want us to then go for the remaining option and work on it hard.

Sometime, being able to decide on the option that we have with us are a gift. Orphanage do Ҳ have the opportunity for that. Please Ҳ try to say they are luckier as they Ҳ face the bad tempered parents problem. So, if you are given a choice to decide whether to born as an orphanage will you say "yes"? Do not challenge me with "yes" because I am Ҳ seeking an answer from you. By the way, I Ҳ get you the opportunity to say "yes".

Making a decision is not easy but you are weak if you Ҳ free yourself from bothering with psychological test.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I am so sorry for what I did.
I feel so bad.
I am so evil.
I am bad boy.